Reflections at 6:00am


At 6:00am Sunday morning, Baby J was in full play mode.  He had me read him a couple of books, some three times over (I have the words memorized) and we played with his new trucks.  I was undoubtedly exhausted, but reflected on how grateful I am to have him.  I still can’t believe I have an 11 month old.  I can’t still believe I am a MOM!  I still can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  A year ago, I was 36 weeks pregnant and had my first emergency trip to L&D after having extremely high blood pressure at my NST (non-stress test) appointment. I was immediately taken off of work and put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I couldn’t help but think of all the worst things that could happen.

Fast forward to today…We are here we are now, watching the world outside. WE made it.



F**K Off Cold


It’s that time of year…everyone has been sick and Baby J has managed to get catch whatever has been in the air TWICE in a month’s time.  I just don’t get it.  I do everything to prevent him from getting sick.  For starters he isn’t around kids all the time since he is at home with me or his dad.  I wash his hands religiously.  I am that mom at the playground disinfecting swings before he goes on them and wiping his hands after touching anything.  Yes, that is me.  He takes probiotics, vitamin D and vitamin C regularly and so do I (this is important since he is EBF still). I do everything except sequester him.

This cold wasn’t that bad.  No major congestion, cough or fever.  He was sneezy and of course super clingy and fussy.   Nighttime is always the worst, especially the first couple of nights.  He just wants to be held upright.

We are no experts, but we are learning.  Here’s what worked for us:

  • Distractions:  It was all hands on deck.  We distracted Baby J with visits from his grandparents and uncle.  We also made sure that any sign of fussiness was met by something fun — a book, peek-a-boo, outdoor walk, etc.  It is tiring, especially since we were getting very litle sleep at night.
  • Hylands Cold Tablets: I tried these for the first time and I think they worked.  I was also a fan because they didn’t have any chemicals or drugs, so experimenting with them was not that big of a deal.
  • Eucalyptus Rub: An essential item in our household.  I rub Baby J’s chest, around his neck and back.  It’s soothing and really helps open up his nasal passages.
  • Cold Mist Humidifier: We leave this running all night long.  It helps with his breathing.
  • Liquids: Since Baby J is eating solids, we fill him up with soups.  I also dilute chamomile tea and put it in his sippy cup.
  • Frequent breastfeeding: Baby J was on the newborn feed schedule…every 2 hours.



I’m Still Here


I’ve been missing in action from blogging.  Time goes by so quickly.  Here’s a quick update:

I’m still a working mom (sigh).  It’s hard being accountable to work, my husband and my baby boy.  Some days are easier than others, but there are many days I just want to quit.  I don’t because I love my job and I know that my boys are OK.

Baby J is amazing.  He brings us so much joy and is growing so fast.  Last month, he gained two pounds and is learning something new everyday.  His latest milestone is taking one step from a standing position all by himself (hand clap).

Daddy started his paternity leave — whoo hoo!  The best thing we did was spread out his leave.  He took 3 weeks off when Baby J was first born and saved the remaining 9 weeks till the end, which will take him up to Baby J’s first birthday.

The holidays are here and while this is already my most favorite time of the year, it is only that much better because I get to share it with Baby J.

I look forward to catching up on the blogs I’ve missed reading from all of you.  I’m glad to be back.

Baby Proofing


This project called “Baby Proofing” has been ongoing for the last four months.  As soon as Baby J was squirming around on his tummy (doing the military crawl), we were right beside him trying to anticipate every danger. Boy, did we have a lot of hazards and work on our hands.  Below is a list of items that came in handy.

Top Baby Proofing Items:

  1. Roving (to secure sharp corners and edges)
  2. Cabinet locks
  3. Stationary Baby Gate
  4. Play Mats
  5. Anti-Tip TV stand anchor
  6. Blind Cord Latch
  7. Super Wide Gate and Play Yard 

Pumping Is Not For Wussies


iStock_000051587144_LargeI’ve been a working mom for a month and let me tell you, pumping IS NOT for wussies.  It’s not necessarily physically demanding (at least not for me), it’s just time consuming, a pain in the ass, inconvenient, and can be quite messy. Plus, I can’t just wear anything to work.  I have to think, “will my boobs be accessible in this shirt, dress, etc.?” I am really trying to make it to the year mark or even beyond and I know I can, it’s just another new normal I have to get used to 🙂

Some positives….

My work environment is super supportive. I have an office for privacy and I have blocked out times in my calendar for pumping.  I look forward to these pumping sessions and use the time to look at pictures of my chunky monkey.

I only have to pump twice.  Since Baby J is almost 9 months, his feedings have decreased.

My milk supply is good and baby is eating from bottle just fine.  I was worried like any mom returning to work about my supply and my baby’s behavior to the bottle.  Both have been going well.


Best Toys for 8 Month Old


8 month olds are so much fun.  Their world is so big, so exciting and so is their curiosity for everything.  Below are some of Baby J’s favorite toys at this developmental stage besides the house furniture he is using to practice his standing skills 🙂

Picture Books

Balls and Stacking Blocks

Musical Toys

Toys with buttons and lights


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Baby’s First Fever


FEVER…it’s a word that every parent dreads.  Baby J got his first fever this past weekend.  My little happy chunky monkey was a completely different baby.  He was uninterested in the world, fussy, whiny and super hot.  He would cry off and on and we were only able to distract him momentarily.  All day I was dreading nighttime.  I was fearful that he would get too hot.  So there I was again, like those first few days after the hospital, checking on him constantly.  Of course during these night time vigils I was a google maniac (I’m slapping myself right now). Everything I read, of course, was a worst case scenario. There is so much fear around fevers and so many misconceptions as well.

What I learned about fevers:

  1. A fever is considered a temperature above 101.4 if your baby is 6 months +
  2. A fever is a good thing…yes, I said it, a good thing.  It means your baby’s immune system is working and on high alert.
  3. A fever does not have be accompanied by any other symptoms.
  4. Apparently, teething doesn’t cause fevers (I think otherwise).
  5. A low grade fever shouldn’t be treated.  “You should treat the baby, not the fever” — meaning, make the baby comfortable.

Baby J is on the mend.  I can’t wait until he’s 100% better.